Thursday, June 23, 2005

About The Archibald

Portraits are exhibited at the Archibald.The prize money is $35,000.
The subjects of the paintings are men or women distinguished in art,
letters,science or politics.John Olsen has won this year's prize.Craig
Ruddy won the last year's prize.I like the painting of last year's winner.
Because <> makes me uncomfortable.
The colour is gloomy.The lines are abstract.The style just likes an old
man.The winner of the Archibald prize isn't same as the winner of the
Packing Room.The winner of the Packing Room is JASON BENJAMIN.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fly Far And High

You open a window,
I find hope out of the window
You said unknown words
Let me discover thirst
You light a lamp
I see the bright
You walk away slowly
I have no choice
I am not free myself from you in fact
I pretend to be silence
But how to console this unkown future
Don't be in a difficult position again

Let me pass through alone
this grieve street
How to forget your shady back
I call up all my courage to forget this distance
How to tell you
Love has been burn out slowly
It would be better to fly far and high
To let meself free
No way to remove
How to open a mouth,
How to say I love you
Let me pass throught alone this grieve street
This song was sung by Yi Lian Lin.She is a well-known
singer in Asian .Li zhong Sheng wrote this song for her.
He is a famous song writer in TaiWan.When they
formed a partnership,they were lovers.They married
in 1998,but divorced in 2004.
The song is about two lovers.When they fell in love,
they felt everything was wonderful.The love gave
them hope,bright and courage.With the time gone,
they didn't love deeply any more,as the song said "
Love has been burn out slowly".At last,they said
good-bye.It was a sorrowful love story.
I like this song.The melody is graceful and
sentimental.The singer's voice is special.I like her very
much.She isn't a beautiful woman,but she has special
glamour as her sound.When I hear thesong,I always
think today we are busy at work and housework,we
have no time to care for our emotion,it is dangerous.
For lovers the most important thing is to keep love


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A Famous Athlete

Lang Ping is a famous Cinese athlete.She is a best
volleyball player.
In the 1980s,Chinese economy was better than
before.The peoplewere rich,they seek more in
their spirit.They hoped China would bethe
strongest country in the world.Lots of people
tried their best towin the honours for China in
many areas.
For some reasons the Chinese athletes hadn't
taken part in thematches for many years.Lang
Ping won the matches for Chinafrom 1981 to
1985.She won the three major international
tournamentwins:two world championships
and one Olympic Games.It broke through the
zero record in the Chinese sporting world.From
thaton a lot of Chinese people loved vollyball.
They watched and playedvollyball matches.
The time was called "The Lang Ping Of Her
Time".The Chinese people felt prould for her.
"Lang Ping"is not only a name,but also a symbol
of time.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Uncommon,Funny Man

Mel Gibson is an actor,diector and producer.He is
very funny and uncommon.
He took up acting only because his sister sticked
an application behind his back.They fought for it
at the night.His face was badly beaten.At lasted
he won an opputinity to play a role at home's
play.When he grew up,he studied drama.In his
first play he was so nervous that he was unable
to stand,he had to play the role sitting down.
Then he joined the South Australia Theater
Company.Then he played a titular role in an
action film.But he was made a star in the film--
"The Road Warrior".Since than he had stared
his golden life.He did well in many movies.He
directed films.He has owned a production
company.His uncommon brilliance let him sucess.
He is a funny man in the life.He has seven kids.
He became a father again at 44,even if the next
youngest is 10 years old.He was also presened
with a bra in a party.And he kook his pleasure
freely in the evening zany spirit,he ate a canned
dog food from a dog dish with his name.
He was very sucessful in his life and work.


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Mel Gibson

Mel Gibso's full name is Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson.
He was born in The United States and has ten brothers
and sisters.In 1980 he got married with Robyn.He has
seven children.
He didn't play John McClane and didn't direct Lethal
Weapon.He won two Oscars for Best Picture and Best
Director.He earned more than $210 million for The
Passion Of The Christ.His production company,Icon

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


If you woke up this morningwith more health
than illness,you are more blessed than themillion
who won't survive the week.
If you have never experiencedthe danger of
battle,the loneliness of imprisonment,the agony
of torture orthe pangs of starvation,you are
ahead of 20 million peoplearound the world.
If you attend a church meetingwithout fear
of harassment,arrest, torture, or death,you
are more blessed than almostthree billion
people in the world.
If you have food in your refrigerator,clothes
on your back,a roof overyour head and a
place to sleep,you are richer than 75% of this
If you have money in the bank,in your wallet,
and spare changein a dish someplace, you are
among the top 8% of the world's wealthy.
If your parents are still married and alive,you
are very rare,especially in the United States.
If you hold up your head with a smileon your
face and are truly thankful,you are blessed
because the majority can,but most do not.
If you can hold someone's hand, hug themor
even touch them on the shoulder,you are
blessed because you canoffer God's healing
If you can read this message,you are more
blessed than overtwo billion people in the
world that cannot read anything at all.
You are so blessed in ways you may never
even know.


The Aboliginal men made the shields.They used
them in dances,ceremonies and sometimes in
defensive fight.
The narrowest shields were used in hand-to-hand
fight.The broad shields were used to protect the
speers and other missiles.The rainforst people of north
Queensland made the largest shields.They pained
them with clan designs and colours.
The Daintree shield was collected from a rainforst
region.It was used for ceremoniesand defense in fighting.
The sheild was made from the buttress of a rainforest fig
tree.It was carved into shape using hand tools.The handle
cavity was created by burning and chipping the wood.The
surface of the shieldwas made smoothed with a round.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Caught A Cold

A few months ago,when I came back from
China,I felt sick.
I caught a cold.I had a pain in my throat,I
couldn'tspeak.I had a headache.I had a
running nose too.Idon't like eating anything.
I felt weak and liked sleeping.It took me
many days on bed.
My doctor checked my temperature, blood
pressure,and throat.He told me that I just
caught cold and my throat was red.He gave
me antibiotics and asked me to take it at
least for 5 days.And I had to take more rest.
After one week I felt well.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Story

she wanted to have a bowl with the monuments
of her hometown and her name for her birthday in
In 2000 her bowl fell to the ground.The bowl
was very strong and only a piece of it broken.
She still used it in every morning. Now she kept
it in her bedroom with all the objects she loved.
She wanted to make the bowl to be a family
tradition.She would pass it to her children and they
to theirs.

What Type Of Text Is It

The text is a good report.The language is
general noun.It describes The Great Wall's
history,useless,height,widthand length.
When you want to visit it,you can read the
text first.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Wombats are one of the Australia's most endangered
marsupials. a kind of animals that they care for their
baby in a pouch.Their babies live in their pouches
until they are old enough to leave their pouches
for a short time.
Wombats eat grass and other vegetables.
Adult wombats are 33cms tall , almost 1 metre long
and 35kgs weight.Their babies are very small.
Wombats have thick soft fur and a hairy nose.
They use short powerful legs and strong claws to
dig a burrow to sleep.Most of the day they sleep in
the burrow,in the evening or at night they go looking
for food. A female wombat's pouch opens backwards
so that when mum is digging,she doesn't cover her
baby with sand.